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Animal Advisory is a Free Business-Consulting Service for Animal Welfare & Animal Rights Organizations Outside the United States

Is there really a need for business consulting services in the animal protection sphere? Unfortunately, the answer is a solid yes. In fact, we would go further and suggest that most of the working organizations on behalf of animals are burdened with the day-to-day business of keeping animals alive, as well as meeting the demands of the most basic operations to stay afloat.

We believe that well-intentioned activists around the world spend most of their time struggling to improve the lives of desperately needy and neglected animals, or are scraping by for funds to produce educational and other outreach material, but often cannot keep up with the demands of their operations. For a variety of reasons — such as lack of time, lack of qualifications, lack of focus, being too close to the cause, not being able to see the forest from the trees — the impact they have on animal lives is far less than what it could be otherwise.

Retaining qualified consultants to perform "efficiency" studies has typically not been considered by the average animal welfare or rights organization, owing to at least two reasons: 1) the costs of such services, and 2) the capacity to find such a service with the necessary skills.

This is where Animal Advisory comes in! We have the comprehensive background, broad experience, and the missing ingredients to put animal welfare and rights organizations on their feet. We do that by combining our real world consultancy experience: 30-plus years of considerable business, analytical, and educational expertise with another 35-plus years of founding, nurturing, and strategically managing numerous animal welfare organizations throughout the world (see About Us).

But it even gets better than that. Animal Advisory is a NO-COST SERVICE. We work FOR FREE.

What's the catch? There isn't one.

We genuinely believe it is our responsibility to make use of our extensive experience and life-long passion for animals to help others do their utmost best to be as effective as possible for the voiceless creatures among us.

We are a win-win enterprise — and the animals benefit!