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We are pleased to feature a few of the organizations we've aided over the years. Click on their names to visit their web sites.


Amigos de Animales
Amigos recognizes the value of animals and is committed to serve them because they lack the ability to speak for or defend themselves in the face of abuse, abandonment and neglect. Amigos was incorporated as a "not-for-profit" Mexican association in October 2001 and started operating in February 2002. Since that time, Amigos has spayed and neutered more than 8,600 animals...

Animals & Society Institute
The Animals and Society Institute (ASI) is a nonprofit, independent research and educational organization that advances the status of animals in public policy, and promotes the study of human-animal relationships. The ASI seeks to advance institutional change for animals by helping to establish the moral and legal rights fundamental to a just, compassionate and peaceful society. We are an independent think tank as well as a producer of educational resources, publications and events...

The Animals Voice
The Animals Voice is an independent online resource for helping animals and the people who defend them. We are an award-winning networking source of recent media coverage, timely information, and an incalculable volume of resources for animals and their defenders. We feature the latest animal rights news, multimedia, calendar, victories, thought-provoking and inspirational editorial, graphic and compelling photography, and in-depth investigative reports. We also publish The Animals Voice Magazine and Starfish Story: Celebrating Animal Survivors and the People Who Rescue Them...

Humane Society of Utah
Founded in 1961, the Humane Society of Utah is dedicated to the elimination of pain, fear, and suffering in all animals. To that end we provide the following services including shelter, care, and adoption for lost and unwanted animals, low-cost sterilization surgeries and vaccinations at our own fully-staffed in-house clinic, a full-time certified cruelty investigator who responds to reports of neglect and abuse and checks animal facilities throughout the state, professional humane education programs for tens of thousands of school children, in-house pet obedience classes, and a whole lot more...

Utah AIDS Foundation
For 20 years, the Utah AIDS Foundation has been at the forefront of caring for those living with and dying from HIV and its related illnesses. In that time, we have learned a lot about life, HIV, and our community. Each month we open our doors and invite you to visit us for light refreshments and a tour of our facility. You can check out our food bank, learn more about our services and programs, and connect to folks right here in your community. Over the next year, we will be including features and stories chronicling our saga and recording the changes that we have seen over the last 20 years...

Utah Animal Adoption Center
(formerly Wasatch Humane)
Utah Animal Adoption Center is one of Utah's oldest and most successful no-kill animal-rescue groups, each year saving, neutering, providing veterinary care, and finding homes for more than 1,500 orphaned companion dogs, cats and horses since 1983. We need reliable, animal-loving people to help us in our goal of eliminating euthanasia of healthy, adoptable animals in our communities. Join our fun and caring team: volunteer at our center, at adoption days, foster a dog or cat or horse. Help us save lives...